Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sharpening the Axe- Mini Children's Ministry Conference

Pastor Billy Burns stretched me again. That is one of the things I love about him. He is always encouraging me to go higher, to do something different, or better. He did again this year. He called me several months ago with the request to teach a training seminar at his church. Pastor Billy has an amazing team of workers, many of which have been with him for many years. They are a group of people that love God and are passionate about children’s ministry! His large, yet still growing ministry means he is constantly adding and equipping new team members.

His request was that I teach five sessions that would help his leaders sharpen their axe. Using appropriate tools that are skillfully utilized is vital for any team or ministry. All the workshops would be basic skill sets that every teacher needed, but here’s the clincher, he wanted me to teach each skill set in 35 minutes. You know me, I have a hard time finishing in an hour time frame, but 35 minutes…could I do it? I did, I didn’t exceed my time allotment once. It was so much work to condense and eliminate fluff, but the results was a really concise and practical session.

Pastor Billy’s wisdom is amazing…people are busy…by condensing the sessions we were able to pack an entire day of training into a morning of training. He is a great go to person with tremendous wisdom and experience. Check out his website. And the response was amazing. Pastor Billy’s team is always very loving and appreciative when I minister at Trinity Church International, but even the most experienced teachers were so excited. Teacher after teacher shared with me Sunday about different things they used from the seminar in their classes and how effective it was. I am always so appreciative when I hear things like that.

We all need to keep our axe sharp. From time to time we need to review and renew the basic skills that are essential skill sets that enable us to be effective in ministry. Thank you, Pastor Billy, for stretching me again. You always motivate me to grow, condense and sharpen my axe. I must constantly grow so I can more effectively equip children’s ministry leaders.

How long has it been since you helped your ministry team to sharpen their axe? Wayne and I would love to partner with you to encourage, equip and inspire your ministry team. Contact me at

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