Sunday, May 3, 2009

Celebrating Birthdays

It's birthday season at the Holland House. My beautitul daughter (she takes her looks after her mother) had a birthday April 15. My youngest granddaughter Ashlyn turned 1, April 25. My comedian son (he is so much like his dad) had a birthday April 30. Wayne's spunky mother had a birthday on May 1 and my first granddaughter, Karyn, turned 9, May 2. That's a lot of birthday cake! We're headed to Ollie's after church today to celebrate.

Ashlyn was adorable digging into her first cake. With small dainty fingers she put the frosting to her mouth without making much of a mess. Brayden, my grandson, was very different. On his first birthday he was so covered in chocolate cake and frosting that he had to been carefully taken to the bathtub for a "major" cleaning. Frosting is hard to clean out of a tub. Brayden was greasy for several days. How different they are.

My family is an amazing treasure. They are precious jewels to me. Each are different in so many ways and those differences add such a dimension to my life. I celebrate who they are. I thank God for the precious gift of my family. I treasure the time I have to spend with each of them as my most precious possessions.

My role as a mother is different now. I am enjoying the fruit of my labors. All the spankings, advice and prayer has paid off. I have two adult children that are wonderful beyond words. My role is different, but I will never stop being their mother. I pray just as hard. I understand it is only as they stay connected to God through a vibrant relationship with Him will they be able to fulfill their destiny and purpose.

As a grandmother I pray the scriptures over my grandchildren much like I did my children. I want them to be "examples of the believers in word, in conversation, in charity and in truth." I am convinced that the provison and blessings come only as a result of asking. Jesus said, you have not because you ask not. As I celebrate all these birthdays, I reflect and enjoy the precious memories but I also make a new commitment to invest in their lives by pounding on heaven's doors with petions of heaven's blessings on their lives.