Friday, September 30, 2011


It opens in theaters today!
We're in children's ministries because we value children and the importance of shaping them with Christian values. Our passion can be blinding sometimes. It is easy to forget the family and how the total package influences the children we want to nuture in the ways of God. This movie is a way to impact parents and encourage men. That is something that our culture does way too little of--encourage men. This is an opportunity too good to miss. Seize the opportunity to use this effective tool to build families and men!

Here are some suggestions to help you impact your church and community with this God given tool:
  1. Download the flyers and post them at the door where parents will pick up their children.
  2. Organize a parents night out, so parents can drop off their children while they see the movie.
  3. Purchase tickets for a young couple that might not be able to purchase the tickets.
  4. See the movie and talk about it. Use all your social networking places like Twitter, Facebook etc.
  5. Advertise the movie in your weekly handout or flyer.

I plan to get to the Early Bird showings today! I'll save money and support the vision to impact the community with Christian values.

My friends Suzanne & Charles go to the Sherwood Church and they loved the movie. It is important for believers to support this movie not only with our attendance, but also with our prayers.

Sherwood Church has been very deliberate in their strategy to involve churches. Creative suggestions and follow up ideas to help people get the most from this movie. I hope you'll visit their link: