Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Planting the Word

Things to Remember:
    a. Although the church should be a support system, it is your job to teach your children.
    b. If you want to reap a good crop, you’ve got to plant it.
    c. You must cultivate the seed by weeding and feeding.

Let’s look at some suggestions to help you plant good seed, God seed, in children’s hearts.
    1. Recognize and take your responsibility to train up your children in the way they should go.
    2. Make Bible Study a priority in your home. This may mean realigning schedules and activities. It may mean turning off the TV or eliminating activities that consume too much time. Remember the most important thing is for your child to know God.
    3. Get a plan. Decide what are you going to study; theme, subject or Bible reading plan.
    4. Be sure your plan fits your children…their age, interests and needs. Make it age appropriate
    5. Set a time and a place for Bible study. Be consistent, yet flexible. You may discover the back porch has too many distractions for your family, so try a different place. You may find your children are too sleepy for bedtime Bible Encounters. Discover what works for your family.
    4. Understand as with any discipline, getting started is not easy. There will be distractions. Children will not want to sit still. It will take training for them to listen to you if you have never done it before.
    5. Make it fun. Laugh together. Involve the children. Can the children help you tell the story by acting it out or drawing the visual for the story? Let them read or tell the Bible Story, character story or object lesson.
    6. It doesn’t have to be long to be effective.
    7. Don’t substitute moral values only for the Word of God. Give them a biblical base for the values you teach.
    8. Rehearse the weekly memory verse daily. It can be one from church or one that covers a particular area of concern for your family—kindness, faith, fear, etc. Use variety as you go over the verse. Let them use puppets or stuffed animals. Say the verse with a silly voice or really soft voice or squeaky mouse voice. Let them mimic the voice of their favorite cartoon character or let them suggest a voice to use for the memory verse.
    9. Play Christian music in your home. Worship God in your home.
    10. Pray together. Pray for your children. Teach them to pray.

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