Thursday, August 13, 2009

I love being a Grandma!

We were sitting at the table eating lunch. Brayden and Karyn were chattering back and forth when Wayne interjected. One time I went hunting. I killed a turkey and a coon and a potfor. Karyn fell for it hook line and sinker...what's a potfor (pot for)? To cook it in, silly! Karyn begin to laugh contagiously. Brayden didn't get it but he laughed. We all laughed for a long time, mostly because Karyn thought the joke was so funny. It was Brayden's turn to tell a joke and we all laughed again. It was the typical four year old type joke, but we still laughed.

I love being a grandma. I love playing "Hide and Go Seek" with them...running with them (They are still young enough I really could out run them. That's great!) Building cardboard and sheet houses over the furniture seems to be one of their favorite. Ashlynn is still young enough that she even likes my singing. She'll outgrow that really fast. The others are polite, but avoid my singing whenever possible!

But being a grandma is more than just having fun with them. It's a big responsibility. I want to leave a mark on their lives. I want to leave them a spiritual legacy. I want them to love God and love to pray. Because love is a magnet that pulls the best out of them, I want them to know they are loved unconditionally. I want them to really know God and love His presence.

Wanting this things is admirable but growing these things in a life of a child is deliberate and purposeful. I pray for them using the scripture as the foundation of my prayers. This Word based prayer builds my faith and expands my vision of what they can be through Christ. I guard my words and speak my faith vision instead of cursing them and their future with my fears. I use every opportunity to build their faith by giving them Christian music, DVDs and books. We pray together. I start them early praising the Lord. We pray together for children that no one prays for.

My greatest joy in life is my family! Oh, how I thank God for them!

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