Friday, August 28, 2009

Going It Alone

Eric Bruntlett didn't plan it. You can't plan something that remarkable. He wasn't even on his best game. He was playing his position just like he had done every time before, but this time he was in the right spot at the right time. The opportunity came and Bruntlett seized it. The stage was set. It was the 9th ending. A runner was on first base and one was on 2nd base. The pitch was 2-2. Both runners were intent on stealing the next base. Jeff Francoeur hit a line drive and Eric grabbed it for his first out. Bruntlett stepped on 2nd base for the 2nd out and then tagged the player trying to steal 2nd base for his third out. Amazing!

He was shocked. It happened so fast, he didn't even realize what was happening until the event was history. Eric Bruntlett made three outs all by himself to end the Philles vs Mets game. It has only happened 15 times in MLB history and only twice that such a play ended a game.

This event reminded me of 3 things:
1. Play your position diligently. I must be faithful and conscientious to do what I've been called to do.
2. See and seize opportunities while they are still opportunities. I must constantly be aware of what is going on around me. They present opportunities that expire, so I must grab them and act on them while they are there. Opportunities to help meet a practical need, to pray for them when they are sick or to witness to them when the door opens.
3. Never loose sight of your goal. In baseball it's winning the game, plain and simple. For a believer it's building God's kingdom. It's not about being a super star or winning people's applause. All our actions should go through the sieve labeled "Does this glorify God?"

There is one more thought I had about Eric's praiseworthy accomplishment-he did it alone. But I am so thankful that God never intended for me to do it alone. He promised He would be with me. He would dwell in me and help me do everything He has called me to do. I am deeply grateful for His indwelling ability that saturates every area of my life: relationships, work, faith, my body, my mind and my life.

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