Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Panana Camp Day 1

I think I am more excited than the kids are. I chatted with Brayden on the phone to remind him to bring items that I wanted him to bring to Panana Camp. He said we should pray and I agreed. So he was named our official prayer captain. The kids arrived with beach toys, pajamas and old clothes to wear to splash in the mud. We are using my Sailing the Seven 7C’s curriculum so beach activities will be our primary field trips. Even Ashlyn enjoyed the devotions. Our first lesson is converted. It is an abstract word which we explained thoroughly. It is used because it is explains that we are a new person when Christ comes into our lives and it begins with the letter C. We went to the park to find tadpoles. I don’t think they have hatched yet. If they have hatched the fish have gobbled them. I didn’t see a single tadpole. Two pre-teen boys were fishing at the pond and shared their knowledge with us. We marched through the trails taking turns leading the way. We stumbled over Cypress knees and imagined floating logs were hungry alligators. The trees are bursting with spring green, my most favorite color of all. You can only see it this time of year, so I savor it! Karyn discovered white silky cocoons on a bush. Wayne cut it open to show them the caterpillar inside, just what we needed for our lesson. Thank you God! And Karyn discovered it. I love nature. God is so awesome to put inside a tiny worm-like creature the ability to spin and change inside a cocoon. It’s mind boggling. I am so thankful to know that God did that. Almighty God strategically designed even the little caterpillar in such a way that it would be transformed into a beautiful butterfly. His design doesn’t stop with a caterpillar; it includes His greatest creation-people. We are transformed by the love of God that made a way for us to become new creatures in Christ Jesus. Wow! It’s too amazing to imagine. The rules say we have to be ready to leave by 9:00 and I need to get moving even though Karyn is making pancakes for us! Yum!

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