Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Leaving Tracks

Sunday afternoon we took a short hike through the woods. The leaves are turning colors. The temperature was perfect. The mountains were glorious!

We crossed a mud road that looked like turkeys must have held a square dance. Turkey tracks crisscrossed the road in every direction. Either they found a mud hole to drink from or a breakfast treat in the mud in the road! The road had far too many turkey tracks for a casual crossing. The roadway told of deer gatherings and a single raccoon crossing as well.

We've seen all these animals often as we walk or drive through the mountains, then we saw the unexpected.

Wayne spotted them first- it was bear tracks. Bear tracks on the same road we were hiking. We don't see those too often--thank goodness! I was so excited to see bear tracks that I had to call my grandchildren to tell them about our adventure. They wanted to join us, but their mama had a different opinion.

As I stooped to look at the tracks and take a picture, I realized the tracks are not a deliberate activity for the animal. They don't plan to leave their tracks in the road, like the squirrels or deers plot havoc in the insurance commercial, which is, by the way, one of my favorite commercials. It's just what happens when they cross or travel down a muddy road. They leave tracks as they move down the path.

That's what you do in the lives of your children or the children you minister to--you leave tracts. You are making an impression whether intentional or not. You are impacting the lives either for good or evil by your attitudes and choices. Yes, and let's not forget what you say and how you say it!

Walk are leaving tracks on a life of a child.

I talk more about tracks in my "Train'em Right CD or also available in DVD . It is a motivational teaching for parents and children's ministry leaders to follow Jesus' tracks so they can help children follow Jesus tracks as well.

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